Fortnightly / Thursday 2200 - 0000 UK

A couple of years ago David Copley noticed he wasn’t buying music anymore and his iPod library hadn’t changed in 5 years. He decided to do something about it. He made the decision to go exploring.

Like the explorers of the 16th century coming back to show off their discoveries – Colpey Calling is my platform for sharing my discoveries on the journey through the world of music. Weaving through mainly electronic, jazz, house and techno – however the best thing about adventures is you never know what you’re going to stumble upon.

The beauty about music is it’s endless – and my interests and ear for music are constantly changing – so music I listened to five years ago and didn’t like, I like now. There is also that cliché – music isn’t what It used to be – that’s bullshit. Good music is always there, my show presents my findings: new or old as long as long as I like it, I’ll probably play it.

Colpey Calling / 21.08.2014David Colpey this week explores a host of hip hop, funk, world, house and dub music on his Colpey Calling show.
Colpey Calling / 07.08.2014 / Welfare & DestituteGalway's heavyweight bass SubVersion SoundSystem takeover Colpey Calling this week. Welfare & Destitute host, playing some favourites + exclusive dubs
Colpey Calling / 24.07.2014 / Mark ReidMark Reid (Bop Yestrum / The Menagerie) guests on Colpey Calling ft. Soul, House, Psych, Kraut, Freakbeat, Funk, Afrobeat + Rock 'n' Roll
Colpey Calling / 10.07.2014Colpey Calling's host David Colpey "...everything from Duke Ellington to DJ Rashad - Lennie de Ice to Diana Ross"
Colpey Calling / 26.06.2014 / Shammen DellyCopley Calling explore Brazilian music and have a guest mix from Shammen Delly (Psychonavigation Records).
Colpey Calling / 12.06.2014 / Ken & RyuColpey Calling plays recent releases spanning from Senegal to Donegal, with Belfast producer Ken & Ryu as this week's special guest.
Colpey Calling / 29.05.2014 / Nyt BloomerColpey Calling's debut show for Future Music FM hosted by David Colpey and Nyt Bloomer