Friday – Stalker presents Monolog

This Friday,  the Unholy Friday – as Stalker’s hosts Swarm Intelligence + Rory St John are naming it – will feature The Dark Prince of Denmark aka Monolog (Mads Lindgren).

Monolog has a talent for impeccably crafting his tracks from explosive and deadly parts, melding barrages of bass with atmospheric sweeps & glitchy blips. The drums, at times blunt and rigorous, other times revealing his undeniable hip-hop sensibilities, always remain at the forefront.

Expect to hear Monolog’s newest material including work from his forthcoming release on Berlin’s revered Ad Noiseam label.

We’ve managed to get our filthy paws on a rehearsal recording for his upcoming live shows.

Warming Stalker up are are Rory “The Blackwater Baptist” St. John & Swarm “His Papal Highness” Intelligence with their hour of unreleased tracks, promos and sleep-deprivation experiments. All with a few cups of Barry’s tea along the way.

Friday April 18th / 1800 BST/UTC+1

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